For example, if you’re optimizing your site for search, you might check in on your rankings weekly. Or if your goal was to increase spending by repeat customers, you might look at the results of your email marketing campaigns a week after you send each one.

Routine reviews will not only keep you informed, they’ll also keep you invested. You’ll be eagerly awaiting the day you achieve your goal — and once you do, you’ll be ready to move on, or perhaps scale up your budget to get even better results.

Scaling up vs. adding on

When should you scale up a marketing activity, and when should you add on a new one? It all comes down to whether or not you’ve hit a ceiling.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your budget. If you can afford to spend $75 one month on a new tool instead of the $50 you usually spend, give it a try. Or if you want to try doubling your AdWords spend for a week to see if it increases your paid traffic immensely, go for it. Just remember to check those results!

It’s always possible for you to hit a “ceiling” with some marketing activities. After all, once you hit #1 on a Google search, you might feel as if there’s nowhere else for you to go with SEO, other than continued maintenance. Once you see a slowdown in results, or your ROI stops looking as huge as it once did, that signals that it’s time for you to add on another marketing activity.

Finally, don’t feel obligated to spend more money just because you feel like you should, you don't have to spend the money you use to have some fun with ThorSlots. Paid advertising might have enormous ROI, but it’s not for everyone. You can do email marketing, social media, and plenty of other things for free (money-wise, that is — you still need to spend the time on them). Only add on what suits your customers, your store, and your budget — not to mention the time you have available to manage it.

Make every dollar you spend go further with smart marketing decisions

Although a few potential customers might find your store on their own, you’ll undoubtedly have better results with marketing than without. But the money required to hire an agency or try more advanced tools just isn’t there for many new store owners.

Luckily, there are a few ways you can make each and every dollar go further. By defining a single goal at a time and seeking out free or low-cost tools to support it, you can do your own marketing and reach more customers — and all without investing time and money you don’t have.

Have any questions about spending your first $50 on marketing your store? Or any suggestions of your own to offer for store owners just starting out with marketing to potential customers? The comments are open and we’d love to hear from you.

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